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Re: SKIP Revamped: The Case of the Alliterative Arsonist
« on: November 01, 2014, 04:24:26 pm »
OK, so ModMad gave us the last names of these peeps and I had to change things so I'm reposting everything I've got:


SKIP Revamped: The Case of the Alliterative Arsonist

The nice thing about London, the really nice thing about it, was that money got you into places and gained you things one would otherwise not believe.

The other nice thing was that, should one look hard enough, one could get others to pay you to do anything.

For example, a Kosher Butcher's a mere hop skip and a jump away from Arthur Steed's original and masochistic choice of residence actually paid Arthur to 'dispose' of the blood they could not, by faith, be allowed to touch. He got paid in pounds to hire some clean gentlemen for pennies to pump the blood into kegs and deliver them to a much better address.

An address conveniently close to a theatre he now owned. A theatre who now had a permanent place for Mesi to act -or dance- or sing as prima diva. A theatre where the managers assumptions about audience tastes were repeatedly and vastly proven wrong.

M'me Mesi Jailoh was making her mark. In more ways than one.

Every day, Arthur would read the higher class of newspapers and neatly circle anything that looked... interesting. And Mesi would go through the -ah- tawdrier publications, and do likewise.

They had both learned that their most interesting and profitable cases were the ones that matched up in both.

Mesi was the one who noticed about the fires. Arnham's in Abbotsford Avenue. A butcher's in Babel Place Borough. A Crafthouse in Cabal Cottages, Camberwell. The list went on all the way to the F's. The fires all began mysteriously when nobody should have been present. All the establishments were well guarded and there was no one beneficiary from the insurance.

Nobody saw anyone suspicious.

And the real advantage for their supplementary income was that the arsonist worked at night. Which meant that Arthur could join her on her investigations without raising any eyebrows.

It wasn't normally done for a gentleman to stroll the streets under the shade of a parasol. And all attempts to conceal him thusly as a lady were... laughable.

Mesi checked her maps and found what she believed to be the arsonist's next target.

Gainsborough Gardens, Golders Green.

The miscreant would not be able to stay away from such a place. Their next trouble was, of course, figuring out the criminals' actual target.

And since it was still daytime as they went together on their exploratory excursion, Arthur was dressed as a woman in full mourning, by Mesi's side. Mesi wore staid black clothing in solidarity, silently taking note of all the G-named streets and businesses.

Arthur spent a majority of the time grumbling both under his breath and under his parasol.

"Oh hush, dear, you look fabulous as a girl," Mesi murmured as she took more notes. "Just let me know if you feel like you're getting the vapours, please."


PLEASE give me some alliterative London place names! PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSE!