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Would you like to have an RP?

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I want to have some activity on this board and I'm pondering having an RP session here.

Set in the 100% fictional environment of the Walter Robotics Home for Lost, Abandoned, and Broken Robots. Which I fully expect to branch out to various places, real and imaginary, in the San Diego area. Including Walter Manor and Kazooland.

You can bust out your OC's or variants of the canonical characters [Eg: If you're playing Ballerina!Spine, make sure you reference that character thusly.] While the cannon characters are NPC's and controlled on need.

And because I have no control over who views this, the RP has to be PG. Yes, sex will be yadda-yadda'd. At least until I figure out how to do spoiler control [HALP! IDK how these forums work!]. Likewise gore and gore-variants.

I, of course, will be RPing my fanbot. Bitzer [Her story here:]. If it goes ahead.

Who's in?


{Greetings, Bitzer. I am Roomba, Lord of All Carpets, Keeper of the Loose Change. Shall you join me in my efforts to overthrow humanity?}

Please submit your character's bio in the relevant section and wait until we have three more players.

Feel free to advertise though :D


{And where would that section be?}




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